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Dump Truck & Bobcat

(Skidsteer) Rentals in Kamloops BC

Dump truck for hire. Available for large or small jobs. Experienced operators that are friendly and professional.

We also provide skid steer services. Very competitive rates and the most popular attachments. Experienced and insured. Many references available

We can haul and deliver aggregate products including ...

Screened and unscreened black dirt/loam

Road crush gravel

Pit run

Drain rock

Decorative rock

Washed rock



Wheeled and tracked skid steer services

For quick, affordable & friendly service that many Kamloops residents have trusted & count on....., it's The Job Squad!

Dump Truck Rentals

The Job Squads's tandem dump truck is available for hire. You can hire a truck, driver, and also a skidsteer loader to load up and haul a variety of materials including: Dirt, Demolition materials garbage, gravel, snow, renovation scrap, scrap metal, concrete, and many more.

Please call 778-220-2288 to inquire about our services. Equipment only be hired out with operators provided by The Job Squad

Updated:  February 2023

$125cdn/hourly, before tax
All quoted prices subject to change.  

Applicable taxes not included.

Skidsteer Services

The Job Squad offers Skid Steer Services to Businesses and Homeowners alike. The Job Squad is fully insured and is offers all our services at very reasonable rates.

We have experienced operators and many specialized attachments for;

Dirt Loading

Driveway Break up & Removal

 Spreading Sand or Soil

Spreading Material

 Landscape prep

Concrete breaking & removal


 Building Berms


Available for large or small jobs...just ask! 

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