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Do you need a concrete contractor in Kamloops and surrounding areas? 

The Job Squad is truly, the only one-stop all inclusive local concrete company  for  your Ready mix concrete removal, supply, place and finishing needs! 

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Kamloops Concrete Removal

Concrete Removal in Kamloops is hard work!  The Job Squad is not scared of a little hard work!!  Fast, Friendly & Affordable concrete removal for your home or business! 

Kamloops Concrete Removal

It can be tough to get a Kamloops Concrete Company to show up for a small concrete job. Your small concrete is a BIG deal  to The Job Squad!

Kamloops Concrete Replacement

Kamloops Concrete Placing

Concrete Removal

With the right equipment to break up concrete, The Job Squad also provides a wide range of concrete services in Kamloops &  surrounding  areas,  including concrete removal & replacement.  

The machinery we possess is as follows:

       ✔  Dump Trucks 

       ✔  Ready Mix Concrete Trucks 

       ✔  Skid Steer / Bobcat 

       ✔  Flatbed Material Trucks 

       ✔  Plate Compactors 

       ✔  Pneumatic Compressors & Jack Hammers 

We believe in ethical disposal and responsible removal of broken concrete.  All of the concrete we remove is transported to a concrete recycling facility.  Material is processed through crushers and screeners to produce a cost-effective aggregate to be reused on job-sites.

Concrete Replacement


Our team is proud of our reputation for excellence.

Our experience,  workmanship and delivery with our very own concrete trucks guarantees a top quality job every time. 

What can The Job Squad do for you?

       ✔  Concrete Driveways 

       ✔  Concrete Sidewalks 

       ✔  Concrete Slabs  

       ✔  Concrete Repair 

       ✔  Concrete Removal 

       ✔  Concrete Breakage 

If you are a homeowner, small or medium residential building company or commercial contractor, please contact us today to find out how we can get your concrete project done right at a price that is fair and affordable.  

READY MIX CONCRETE SUPPLIER in Kamloops for your Home or Business

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