Kamloops very own Handyman Service and Odd Job Company.

Heres a small list of some of the odd jobs & Handyman serices in Kamloops we will take care of:

 Lift & shift furniture  

 Assemble furniture   

 Check on Property
 Wash the windows        

 Clean out gutters      

 Miscellaneous labour 

 Pick-up and deliver      

 Set up yard toys         

 Pressure washing
 Collect mail & while on vacation        

 Assist with tasks after an injury

We also offer landscaping ground crew services while you are on vacation or if you just need a break from from the yard work grind. We got your back!

We love odd jobs: the sorts of jobs that make you scratch your head and think “who do i call to get this done?” Our team can get all sorts of little tasks done in one visit. Whether it’s hanging a picture, assembling a new wardrobe, fitting a bath screen, tidying up some cables or anything else your heart desires,. If your looking for a handyman in Kamloops, The Job Squad is here to help.

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